Jane Witt of The Keep in Fort Wayne, Indiana read our recent article on RPG PDFs (see “RPG PDF Publishers Double Down”) and addresses the companies discounting PDFs:


Strike me with a silly stick, but why as a brick & mortar business owner should I make a business decision to stock your products in my store?  I already have difficulty selling your books.  In a tough economy, where every dollar counts, explain to me the benefit of stocking your products since you have now become my major competition.  Why should I have your books in my store so your customers can come in and "cop a feel" of the book before they buy it from you in PDF form?  Are you going to decrease the wholesale price that the distributors and I pay?  Why should I give you free marketing?  More importantly, why should I continue to carry your products in the store and expect my staff to educate themselves with your products in preparation to detail these items to a customer for you?


Since you've "reacted strongly to Wizards of the Coast’s announcement that it was ceasing PDF sales of its product, reaffirming their support for PDF sales and initiating special offers to lure former WotC customers," I and possibly many others, will be forced to reassess our decision to offer your products in our stores.


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