Dark Horse and Tokyopop will participate in the 7-Eleven Domo Slurpee promotion, which launches October 1.  The promotion will include not only a special Slurpee flavor and cup, it will also include special Domo designer toys from Dark Horse (see “Dark Horse Readies Domo Merchandise”) and an abbreviated version of Tokyopop’s Domo manga (see “Tokyopop to Produce Domo Manga”).  Special Webisodes will support the promotion. 


Evan Brody, marketing manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp, told Ad Week, “Domo lends itself well to the store and our proprietary products and our consumers who… love crazy Japanese s**t.”


A future phase of Domo merchandising will include a DVD of the shorts, Webisodes, fan animations, commercials, Japanese spots, and other material.