Konami is planning a full roster of Yu-Gi-Oh! releases for the first quarter of 2010, including the 100-card Absolute Powerforce set.  In January is the Yusei 2 Duelist Pack, each containing five cards with Yusei’s best monsters, spells, and traps from the 30-card set which includes popular cards used by the star of 5Ds.  Packs are $1.99 MSRP. 

In February is the Absolute Powerforce booster release ($3.99 per pack), a 100-card set with new trump cards used by Yusei and Jack, the new Dragons of Rex Goodwin, a brand new X-Saber Synchro Monster, plus other new cards for X-Sabers, Reptiliannes, Koa’ki Meiru, Ritual Monsters, Earthbound Immortals, Psychics, and more. 


The 2010 Duelist Pack Collection Tin is due for March release at $9.99.  Each contains the usual assortment of packs, including Yusei 2 Duelist Packs plus a powerful variant card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds animated series. 


Also in March is the Absolute Powerforce Special Edition, a $9.99 box with three packs of Absolute Powerforce and one of two variant cards.