Updated.  The rising popularity and notoriety of graphic novels during the past two years has been accompanied by a great amount of turmoil in distribution of these books to regular bookstores.  Almost every comic publisher has recorded major gains in sales to the bookstore channel during the period, but at the same time the largest distributor of graphic novels into the book market, LPC, went bankrupt (see 'LPC Group Files Chapter 11').  To fill the void left by the demise of LPC, Diamond Comic Distributors formed a book distribution division (see 'Kuo-Yu Liang Joins Diamond To Head Book Sales'), while CDS, the company that had been handling logistics and collections for LPC, also set up a graphic novel group (see 'CDS Graphic Novel Division Takes Shape') to attract the publishers who were formerly allied with LPC.  We've reported as various graphic novel publishers have decided which distributor to use for the bookstore channel; now we're giving you a scorecard to keep track of how things are playing out.  Here's a look at what has transpired so far with links to articles about the individual publishers.



Client Distribution Services provided the logistics (warehousing, shipping, etc.) and billing for the LPC Group (see 'LPC Outsources Logistics').  CDS's interest in representing comic publishers to the book trade predates the demise of LPC; CDS had made a serious bid for Marvel's business last year but Marvel decided to go with Diamond for the book trade (for about a year -- Marvel recently signed with CDS).  Here's a look at the major graphic novel players aligned with CDS:


Marvel Comics      (From Diamond, see 'Marvel Headed To CDS')


Tokyopop             (From LPC, see 'Tokyopop Selects CDS For Book Distribution')


CrossGen              (From LPC, see 'CrossGen Signs With CDS')


Humanoides           (From LPC, see 'Humanoides Goes To CDS')


Titan Books   (From Diamond, see 'Titan Books Goes with CDS')  


Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comic Distributors dominates the comic market thanks to exclusive distribution deals with the top publishers.  In the book business, its roster is more modest, but still aggregates to significant weight.


AiTPlanet Lar        (see 'Oni and AiT/Planet Lar Sign with Diamond')


Alternative Comics  (From LPC, see 'Diamond Signs Three Publishers')


Antarctic Press      (see 'Diamond Signs Antarctic Press, GT Labs For Bookstores')


Archangel Studioes


Astonish Comics     (see 'Astonish Comics Goes With Diamond For Bookstores')


Avatar Press           (see 'Diamond To Distribute Avatar Press To Bookstores')


Central Park Media


Comics One   (From LPC, see 'Comics One Moves To Diamond For Bookstores')


Dark Horse Comics (from LPC, see 'Dark Horse Finally Chooses a Book Distributor')




El Capitan              (see 'El Capitan Chooses Diamond For Bookstores')




Graphic-Sha Press  (see 'Diamond Signs 3 More For Bookstores')


GT Labs   (see 'Diamond Signs Antarctic Press, GT Labs For Bookstores')


IDW     (see 'Diamond Signs Three Publishers')


Image, including TMP and Top Cow (see 'Image Signs with Diamond')


Oni       (see 'Oni and AiT/Planet Lar Sign with Diamond')


SQP     (see 'Diamond Signs 3 More For Bookstores')


Redlight Manga (from LPC)


Studio Ironcat


Slave Labor Graphics (See 'Slave Labor Chooses Diamond')


Top Shelf (see 'Top Shelf Chooses Diamond')


Toyspress    (see 'Diamond Signs 3 More For Bookstores')



Other Choices

Comic publishers do have other options in addition to CDS and Diamond.  Fantagraphics Books for example has signed with the prestigious W.W. Norton, and Viz has had a long relationship with Publishers Group West.  Seven Hills was another book distributor that recently went out of business, sending Checker Book Group to Midpoint (see 'Checker Book Group Chooses Midpoint').  Belier Press, formerly of LPC, is being distributed by Last Gasp.

Drawn & Quarterly (Chronicle Books)

The Undecideds

Not all of the LPC refugees have found new homes.  As of our last update, the following companies had not announced new book distribution plans:

Drawn and Quarterly


Distributing Games To the Book Trade

Game companies are another category that Diamond has targeted for its book division efforts.  The following game companies are distributed by Diamond to the book trade:


Fantasy Flight Games


Guardians Of Order  (From LPC, see 'Diamond Signs Three Publishers')