One of the most interesting new comic book series revealed at C2E2 last weekend was Wildstorm’s The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull, a crimefighting saga set in London during World War II with characters that hearken back to the golden age of the fantasy pulp magazines.  B. Clay Moore, who penned the entertaining Hawaiian Dick series for Image is handling the writing chores, while the talented Tony Harris (Ex Machina) supplies the art.


The eponymous hero of this saga is actually the seventh in a succession of skull-faced crimefighters, a steampunk relic who has been plying his crimefighting trade for decades. His sidekick, known as “Brickfist,” has hands of stone (like the former Brewers first baseman Joey Meyer) thanks to a special potion that the Whistling Skull discovered during one of his world tours.


The wartime London setting should provide plenty of colorful crimefighting opportunities, and with the possibility of Nazi saboteurs and agents, this series should have no shortage of despicable villains.