Jonathan Clifton will pay Wizards of the Coast $100,000 in settlement of the lawsuit filed over allegedly fraudulent tournament organizer activity (see “WotC Sues Tournament Organizers”), according to a consent judgment filed in Washington federal court this week.  A permanent injunction was also issued, barring Clifton from participating in any Magic:  The Gathering tournaments, playing Wizards’ online Magic:  The Gathering game, and selling Magic cards on eBay or elsewhere.  

Co-defendants Adam Shlageter, Jennifer Clifton, and Jason Bailey were dropped from the case.


WotC Senior Director of Organized Play Arron Goolsbey expressed the company’s satisfaction with the settlement.  “We are pleased that a judgment was reached quickly and in our favor in this case,” Goolsbey said.  “We will continue to vigorously protect the integrity of our systems as well as the fun and fairness of our games.”