Watchmen produced Lloyd Levin has acquired the rights to Sebastian A. Jones’ Webcomic, The Untamed, a dark and grisly tale about a man who is released from hell and given seven days to kill the seven people who murdered him and his family.  Published online by Stranger Comics, The Untamed features art by Peter Bergting and Darrell May.


According to Deadline, Levin, whose credits also include the Hellboy films and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, has brought Ken Locsmandi, who worked on Fight Club, the Matrix movies, and Apocalypto, on board as visual effects supervisor, with Boom Studios co-founder Andrew Crosby set to make his directorial debut on The Untamed.  Levin, who is attempting to raise the financing, sees the film as a modestly-budgeted genre movie that is a good deal darker than the typical fantasy film.  The antihero protagonist deserves his place in hell, but he is able to gain a measure of redemption through revenge.