The Pocket God comic, which launched August 3rd as an iPhone/iPad app, sold around 60,000 copies at $.99 each in its first week in the app store.  Digitally produced by iVerse, it was the top grossing comic app in the book category at times during that week, eclipsing sales by Marvel, DC, Comixology, iVerse, and other apps, all of which offered many issues, compared to the single issue offered through Pocket God. 


Where does this popularity come from?  The Pocket God iPhone/iPod game app has sold over 3 million copies, co-creator and artist Allan Dye told ICv2, since he and co-creator/programmer Dave Castelnuovo launched it a year and a half ago.  “It started out small but it got in the Top 10 after a couple of months and #1 for about a month and a half,” Dye said.  “We just kept updating it and pushing sales and it’s been in the Top 25 ever since.”  Those free updates for the game were one reason why the comic took off so quickly.  One of the frequent free updates included an ad for the comic.   


The print version of the comic, which will be released by Ape Entertainment in September, will include additional content not available in the app version.  The remaining issues of the four issue miniseries will be released monthly. 


Dye explained the property.  “It’s a game starring these six cute little characters,” he said.    “They’re called pygmies and they live on an island.  You are their god and you have the ability to be a nice god or a mean god; however, it seems to be a lot more fun for people to be mean.  It’s a game where you explore and find interactions and ways to mess with these little guys on the island and it also has some mini-games mixed in.  It’s really focused on edgy humor, or evil humor, like you hit them with lightning and you see them turn into a skeleton briefly before they explode.  Or you put a tsunami over the island and they’re underwater and you can send a shark after them with laser beams attached to its head.”