At the New York Comic Con, Ape Entertainment and Classic Media announced that Ape Entertainment will publish a new licensed Richie Rich comic book series.  Ape will update the character by emphasizing his altruistic side as the world’s richest kid becomes a globe-trotting adventure who uses his wealth to help poor people around the world.  The new Richie will be joined by updated versions of his robot maid Irona and his extremely capable butler Cadbury.  The first new Richie Rich comic should hit retail in early 2011.


The original Richie Rich debuted in Harvey Comics Little Dot #1 in September of 1953.  Richie Rich has also starred in two animated cartoon series, the first of which was produced in 1980, while the second debuted in 1996.  Macaulay Culkin starred as the eponymous Richie Rich in a live-action movie that was released in 1994.