Games Workshop is planning to bring back its Talisman board game, which has been out of print for almost a decade, for release in April of 2003.  Currently Games Workshop has no plans to reprint any Talisman expansions, just the basic box set.  Of course the basic box set is a self-contained, elaborate fantasy board game complete with a large colorful playing board, plastic figures, and colorful cards representing monsters and treasures, so no expansions or additional materials are required to enjoy the game.  Games Workshop plans just one printing of the Talisman game, which means that when it is sold out, it could be another decade before it's brought back again.  The suggested retail price for the Talisman box set will be $75.00.


Talisman was one of the most popular fantasy games of the 1980s, when according to Games Workshop's Tim Huckelbery, 'You couldn't go to science fiction or gaming convention without seeing a number of people intensely engaged in games of Talisman.' The object of this wonderfully 'old school' fantasy board game is to move through the various realms arrayed around the outside of the game board and acquire a talisman, which enables the player to access the inner realm where it's possible to slay the dragon and win the game.