IDW Publishing has revealed the card that will be included in the second issue of its Magic: The Gathering comic (see “IDW Launching Magic: The Gathering Comic”): a preview card for the Magic: The Gathering Dark Ascension set.  The card, “Faithless Looting” will be a playable card with alternate art by Karl Kopinski, which is also used for the cover of the comic issue.
Dark Ascension is the second set in the Innistrad block.  It’s a 158-card set, with a planned release date of February 3, 2012.  Pre-release events will be held on January 28-29, Launch Parties on February 3-6, and Game Day on February 25-26. 
Magic: The Gathering #2, with the Dark Ascension card, will street on January 25th. 
The card in the first issue of Magic: The Gathering, which releases in December, will include “Treasure Hunt,” a card from Zendikar with alternate art.