Ares Games has announced the September release of Lords of Middle Earth, the first expansion for the edition of the War of the Rings board game.  Lords of Middle Earth will be focused on characters with more cards, miniatures, and “action” dice.  The expansion will also introduce new mechanics based on the use of the new “action” dice.
Among the characters featured in Lords of Middle Earth are Galadriel, Smeagol, and The Balrog, which were previously featured in Battles of the Third Age, the expansion to the first edition of the War of the Rings game that was published back in 2006 (see “Fantasy Flight’s 2006 Board Game Schedule”).  The Lord of Middle Earth expansion will also include additional new characters from the Tolkien saga that have never been featured in The War of the Rings game before.  Look for additional details concerning the September-releasing Lords of Middle Earth expansion in the near future.
Ares Games released the second edition of War of the Rings in December followed by the January release of the accessories, the War of the Ring Update Kit, and the War of the Rings Card Box and Sleeves.  All these items, which are sold out at the publisher level, will be reprinted in April along with the International editions of War of the Rings in German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.