The end of the world is the theme for a new Munchkin title planned for November of 2012.  Munchkin Apocalypse will be released just in time for the much-publicized “end” of the Mayan calendar on December 12.
The stand-alone game will add a new type of card to the Munchkin universe, called “Disasters,” and four new classes to play.  A new, alternate victory condition for the game is also introduced, which involves seven “Seals of the Apocalypse” within the game.
Like other Munchkin titles, the cards in Munchkin Apocalypse are compatible with the other games, which players can combine together if they choose.
This game includes 168 cards and a special six-sided die.  The suggested retail price will be $24.95.  The game cards will feature the art of fan-favorite John Kovalic.
Steve Jackson Games plans numerous changes to the Munchkin line in 2012.  See “‘Munchkin’--Some to Go OP, Some New” for more details.