Jerry Ringi of Amazing Fantasy Comics in Chesapeake, Virginia provides his thoughts on digital comics and the future of the Direct Market.

Digital comics, the latest and greatest threat from the publishers whom we saved in the 70's, is now once again trying to kill the Direct Market, the printers, and the distributors.  And why?  To make all the money they can and the hell with everyone.

Look at the history since the 90's and it's so obvious that publishers want it all and they do not want the Direct Market to exist and make any money at all.  History inserts by Marvel telling our customers that comic shops are dark and dangerous to kids and also dirty and you have to watch out for that retailer.  With a subscription you get free issues from them but they berated us for giving pull customers at our shops a discount.  Charging us at every turn for promotional items to help sell their product.  They even make money from Free Comic Book Day.

When the industry is gone and the digital comic does not meet their expectations the one industry that was keeping them alive will be dead; they will have killed the goose that laid the golden egg so as to say.  Thanks Marvel and DC.  You have movies and we have nothing.  Thanks.
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