In yet another indication of the popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh, the latest Japanese anime and CCG craze to take the U.S. by storm, Beckett Publications announced that it is shipping 800,000 copies of the upcoming February/March issue of its Yu-Gi-Oh Collector magazine.  The first two issues of the bimonthly publication (which was spun off from a Pokemon publication, see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Gets Its own Mag') achieved a combined sell-through of over 63% in the newsstand market (where 20% is considered good), an extraordinary feat.


Each issue of the magazine is exclusively dedicated to all things Yu-Gi-Oh, including the TV series, cards, toys, and other products.  Every issue contains a Yu-Gi-Oh poster as well as a price guide for the Yu-Gi-Oh CCG cards -- and with a $9.99 ($14.99 Canada) cover price -- every sale is substantial.