The Diamond Select/Art Asylum Marvel Minimates will include the characters from this year's bumper crop of Marvel movies, Daredevil, Hulk, and the X-Men. The blocky little figures, which feature amazing levels of articulation and detail for their miniscule size, are loosely based on the Japanese toys known as 'kubricks,' which have been an enormous hit in the highly competitive toy market in Japan for years (see 'Art Asylum Has Marvel Minimates').  Art Asylum calls their little square guys 'Minimates,' and the company has already had considerable success with this format with figures ranging from Bruce Lee and Captain Kirk to Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss.  Diamond, which provided the Marvel license for this project, has imported a number of 'kubricks' from Japan, including Planet of the Apes figures, which have also found favor with American fans.  The Marvel Minimates should hit retail stores in June.  With three major Marvel films due out this year, here's another set of items that tie-in with Marvel's unprecedented access to the silver screen.