Start-up comic book publisher Contraband Comics has decided to enter the market by focusing on digital distribution with iVerse as the new company’s exclusive digital distributor.  Writer John Goff (Spawn, Halo Evolution), who formed Contraband Comics as an outlet for creator-owned comic book projects, explained his digital-first strategy, "I love comics—good, old-fashioned print comics—as much as anyone, and we will be working to make each of our books available to retailers moving forward, but as we launch, our focus will be on digital distribution."
The first wave of Contraband Comics will consist of three titles including Blindside, a mash-up of the superhero and espionage genres written by Goff and illustrated by Marat Mychaels (Grifter, Deadpool Corps) that debuts on August 22nd on Iverse’s Comics Plus; Big Hitters, a science fiction action adventure featuring a pair of sanctioned hitmen co-created by Goff and artist Tarvis Sengaus (The Adventures of Spawn) that bows on September 5th; and Jack Rabbit, a supernatural crime-noir thriller co-created by Goff and illustrator Jim Hanna (Philly, Spotlight), which is due on September 19th.