Exile Games, best known for publishing the Hollow Earth Expedition role-playing game, has expanded into card games with Deadfellas.  ICv2 took advantage of the opportunity to speak with the rather appropriately attired Jeff Combos, President of Exile Games, at Gen Con last week. Combos described the card game:
"Deadfellas is a card game about whacking mooks in the zombie mafia.  You get a crew of mooks, and you give your mooks weapons, disguises and getaway vehicles, and then you use them to whack each other’s mooks.  The first player to get ten points of mooks in their score pile wins.  But all of the things are unusual, because these are zombie monsters so they’re not very smart.  So, a sock monkey’s a weapon, a tutu’s a disguise, and a pogo stick is a getaway vehicle.  And when you whack another mook, you have to discard a piece of evidence.  You lose things; that makes you constantly put new things back into play."
Deadfellas was created by Jesper Myrfors (original Art Director for Magic: The Gathering), Brian Snoddy (illustrator of Give Me the Brain and Lord of the Fries), and James Ernest (of Cheapass Games fame).
Deadfellas was released in April following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year.  This stand-alone game for two to six players includes 110 cards and has a suggested retail price of $19.95.  Exile Games is currently considering plans for an expansion set.