Upper Deck's burgeoning Entertainment Division, which has just announced trading cards for Ang Lee's Hulk film (see 'Upper Deck To Do Hulk Trading Cards') and a new trading card game based on the Marvel Universe (see 'Upper Deck Gets Marvel Universe CCG'), continues its string of new product announcements with a trading card release based on its licensing deal with Nickelodeon (see 'Upper Deck Signs Multi-Property Deal with Nickelodeon')--NicktoonsTrading Cards.  They'll feature Nickelodeon's most popular animated characters including Jimmy Neutron, plus SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents, and Rocket Power.  The Nicktoons Trading Cards should be out in August with considerable marketing support done in conjunction with Nickelodeon in the network's magazines, online sites, and on the network itself.  Upper Deck is preparing a POP program for hobby dealers as well as for the mass market.  Stores with the right sort of youthful clientele should consider acting quickly to secure these Nickelodeon products, especially the SpongeBob CCG, which is due out in April. 


The first release in the Upper Deck Nickelodeon program will be a SpongeBob SquarePants CCG, which is due out in April in both Starter Decks and Booster Packs.  The Deep Sea Duel Starter Decks will include 31 cards (with one ultra-rare foil card in each deck), while the Aquatic Amigos Booster Packs contain 9 cards.


The SpongeBob CCG is aimed at kids from 7-12 -- and may actually appeal to some of the older folks who make up a significant portion of SpongeBob's considerable monthly TV audience of some 57.4 million.  Upper Deck is creating three level of rarity in the booster packs with Rare, Super-Rare, and Ultra-Rare foil cards.  In addition to the first wave of boosters in April, Upper Deck is planning additional waves in June (Bubble Blast Booster Packs) and October (Sea Swipe Booster Packs), as well as a Collector Tin, which will include several booster packs and exclusive cards and will ship in the fall.