Grant Morrison has written a major work for DC under the heading Multiversity, which will be released in eight issues late next year, according to Hollywood Reporter.  The massive story of alternate realities and parallel worlds, which he’s been working on for six years, is Morrison’s "Lord of the Rings," he told THR.  The stories will be presented in six separately titled one-shots and one two-part story, with each issue including a 38-page lead story and an eight-page back-up.
Each issue will be drawn by a different artist; the fourth story, Pax Americana, and the artist, frequent Morrison collaborator Frank Quitely, have been revealed.  The story will feature the assassination of a president and how the Charlton superheroes such as Blue Beetle, The Question, and Captain Atom failed to stop it (THR has a number of art pages in addition to the one reproduced here).
Other alternate worlds will include stories where the Justice League are villains and Lex Luthor is the only hero, and a planet where World War II never ended.
In a breaking of the fourth wall, each issue will feature the characters reading the previous issue in the series to find out more about the cross-reality conflict.
The announcement was made at Morrison-con last weekend (see "Creator Cons this Fall").