NYCC News: Today Dynamite Entertainment announced that New York Times bestselling author Tom Sniegoski will write Vampirella Strikes, a new Vampirella title that will debut in 2013.  Sniegoski has written multiple Vampirella series in the past including the 25-issue Vengeance of Vampirella.  Sniegoski will be joined on a new six-issue Dynamite Vampirella Strikes series by artist Johnny D.

Michael Turner Cover
Dynamite plans to provide some interesting twists on the by-now standard practice of launching a new series with multiple cover variants.  Vampirella Strikes #1 will come with a cover by series artist Johnny D as well as with covers by the late great Michael Turner, who founded Aspen Comics, all-star artist David Finch, and the internationally acclaimed master of erotic comics Milo Manara.  For the first time Dynamite is offering each cover as a separate item, which means that retailers (and customers who advance order via Previews) can order the exact covers that they want.
Photo Cover-Click for a Better View
Dynamite is also making available a Vampirella Strikes #1 Subscription Special Limited Edition Photo Cover, which will limited to the initial orders of fans who subscribe with their local retailer, and will only be available as a limited edition subscription order.