Fantasy Flight Games has announced its plans for Game Night Kits for 2013, and the specifics for its four month Season One, which begins in January. The company is adding alternate art cards to its LCG organized play, and is now including the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game in the program. 
The Game Night Kits for Lord of the Rings: The Card Game will include three 22-card “Nightmare Decks” for the three scenarios from the Core Set, which will be exclusive to the Game Night Kits. The kits will also include a custom deck box, rules sheet for an optional tournament format, and promotional poster. Each kit will support up to four players. Net price to retailers will be $25 per kit.
The Kit for Star Wars: The Card Game will include alternate versions of Darth Vader and Red Five, with titles and flavor text in Aurebesh, along with a custom deck box, two sets of acrylic focus tokens, and a promo poster. It will support up to eight players for $17 per kit.
The Game of Thrones Kit will include alternate art versions of Valar Morghulis and Daenerys Targaryen; Warhammer Invasion will include alternate art versions of Contested Village and Blood Dragon Knight; Netrunner will include alternate art version of Melange Mining Corp and Crypsis; and Call of Cthulhu will include alternate art versions of Laboratory Assistant and Cthulhu, Lord of R’lyeh. Those four all sell for $17. 
The Kit for the X-Wing Miniatures Game will include nine exclusive, oversized double-sided pilot cards for Han Solo and Boba Fett for $20. The Kits for Dust Warfare and Dust Tactics will each include nine cloisonné pins and a medal for $20 each.
No registration or logging of results is required with FFG’s Game Nights. The 2013 program will include three four-month seasons.