Disney’s Hyperion Books has announced the June publication of two novels featuring Marvel superheroines, She-Hulk and Rogue.  The She-Hulk Diaries by Marta Acosta, which features a green lipstick on its purple cover, follows the adventures of Jennifer Walters, who juggles climbing the corporate ladder by day and dispatching bad guys at night, while still trying to find a "Mr. Right," who can deal with being with a large powerful woman.

The second novel, Rogue Touch by Christine Woodward, features one of the most popular distaff members of the X-Men, who tries to navigate the difficulties of everyday life and romance in spite of the fact that her touch is deadly—talk about your barriers to intimacy!
Both of these novels feature the Marvel logo prominently displayed on their covers, and both appear to be targeting the female audience, which definitely has shown more of a propensity to read novels than their male counterparts.  How these "romance" volumes featuring Marvel characters will perform in their intended market (bookstores) or in comic shops remains to be seen.