Ares Games revealed plans for two new Kickstarter-funded projects at the recent GAMA Trade Show.
The first game will be Sails of Glory. Based on Ares’ best-known title, Wings of Glory, this is an historical miniatures game set during the Napoleonic wars and featuring ship-to-ship combat.  The game will include pre-assembled and pre-painted miniature sailing ships, ready for use out of the box.  The starter set will include two British and two French vessels in 1/1000 scale.
Sails of Glory is Ares’ first attempt at a Kick-starter campaign, and it has already attracted nearly $200,000 of pledged support (the target was $30,000), well before the April 16th deadline.  A retailer backer level is available. 
Sales of Glory is scheduled to ship in August.
Starting next month, Ares will launch its second Kickstarter campaign, for Galaxy Defenders.  This science-fiction adventure game will pit a team of players working cooperatively to combat an invading alien force.  The game will be scenario-driven, and features a linked campaign in which the events that occur in each scenario have an impact on the situation in later scenarios.
Galaxy Defenders was designed to scale automatically to the number of players, allowing it to be played solitaire as well as cooperatively with a group.