Toon Books has announced three books from its fall lineup.
First up is Geoffrey Hayes' Patrick Eats His Peas & Other Stories.  Aimed at ages 4 and up, grades 1-2, this title is the latest in the Patrick Bear line.  The 32-page hardcover will be available on August 6th and retail for $12.95.

Next is Frank Cammuso and Jay Lynch's Otto's Backwards Day.  Targeting ages 5 and up, grades 2-3, Otto is a follow up to 2008's Otto's Orange Day (see "Mouly and Spiegelman Launch Kids GN Line").  The 40-page hardcover will also be available on August 6th, and retail for $12.95.

Third is Liniers' The Big Wet Balloon.  Also aimed at ages 4 and up, grades 1-2, The Big Wet Balloon is a 32-page hardcover and will debut on September 10th.  The MSRP is $12.95.
--Nathan Wilson