AMC and Fox Television have announced that starting in the fall of 2014, two episodes of The Walking Dead will air back-to-back on one night of the week (yet to be determined) on the over-the-air Fox MyNetworkTV stations, which reach about 96% of the U.S. population.  This will mark the first time that the AMC cable series will be broadcast over the air.  The zombie apocalypse saga will have to be edited to meet broadcast standards, so don’t expect the same level of gore and violence in the syndicated re-runs of the series.
While The Walking Dead is already reaching a huge audience via its basic cable exposure on AMC (see "Top 'Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Ever"), the over-the-air showings of reruns should create even more fans and lead to more sales of The Walking Dead graphic novels, and even The Walking Dead comics, two issues of which made it into the Top Ten in February (see "Comic Sales Get the 'Deep Freeze' in February").
Fox’s MyNetworkTV is a broadcast/syndication/programming service that was formed in 2006 and consists primarily of former affiliates of The WB and UPN.  Approximately 172 stations are affiliated with the network and they cover about 96% of the U.S.