GAMA has announced its final attendance numbers for the GAMA Trade Show, bearing out the boost in pre-registrations (see "GTS Exhibitor Hall Sells Out").  Total attendance was 1,347, up 26.3% from the 1,066 who attended in 2013 (see "Over 1000 at GAMA Trade Show").
The final number for unique retail stores was 380, up 35.7% from the 280 stores represented last year.  That 100 store increase included over 40 new stores "getting to know the GAMA Trade Show," according to GAMA.  The new "Build Your Business" program for retailers proved popular, with over 80 people attending.
Overall, 682 retailer badges were issued, up 41.7% from 2013, when 481 retailers attended.
Exhibit Hall opening crowd
Buried in that data, it also appears there was a tiny increase in representatives per retail store, which last year broke down to 1.72 persons per store, and this year was 1.79 persons per store.  With networking, retailer seminars, game demos, and the $1,500 Retailer box, it’s easy to see why the investment of attending GTS pays off for retailers and their employees.