Enterplay has released set info and dates for its first My Little Pony CCG expansion:  Canterlot Nights (see "'Canterlot Nights,' the 1st Expansion for the 'MLP CCG'"). 

Street date is May 16th, with May 9-11 set as the pre-release weekend.  Store participation for pre-release events will be expanded to "over 100" stores with this release.  Enterplay will be working with distributors to identify stores for the expanded pre-release program, Enterplay president Dean Irwin said.

The new set will add over 200 cards, including two new Mane Character ponies, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia; fan faves such as DJ Pon-3 and Queen Chrysalis; Mane Characters as Uncommon cards in packs, and the new gameplay element "Pumped."

As previously announced, the expansion will be available in 12-card boosters and 59-card theme decks.

Each of the two Theme Decks will feature two game play colors, with special foil Mane Character cards representing each color.  The deck featuring purple and blue will include Luna and Rainbow Dash; and the deck featuring yellow and white will include Celestia and Rarity.

Enterplay will continue to support in-store play with monthly organized play kits including exclusive foil cards, and promises info on sanctioned tournaments and player rankings soon.