Ken Solo of Checkmate Games & Hobbies in Toledo, Ohio read Scott Thorne's recent column regarding the DC HeroClix: War of Light boosters being sold on eBay (see "Rolling for Initiative--War of Light and Shortsighted Retailers!") and had this to say.
We ran our War of Light event last night and one of the players mentioned seeing bricks of War of Light boosters on eBay for $400.  He said "the crazy thing is, people are bidding!"
If people are indeed paying $400 for the product, I can see the temptation of some retailers to risk losing their ability to sell HeroClix in the future for a windfall of cash now.  For me, it's a no-brainer. HeroClix is my number two selling line.  I see a future where I make a lot more over the next year than the $800 I could potentially get by selling the only two bricks allocated to me online.  Sure, WizKids is not going to be able to catch all of retailers who broke contract to sell War of Light, but I am sure those who are caught are going to regret their decision later.
I have found HeroClix one of the easiest games to turn people on to, even easier than Magic: The Gathering.  It has built in pop culture relevance.  Little kids recognize, and get excited about, the figurines, if you have the right ones displayed. (kids LOVE the Hulk)
As far as the OP Kits go, we now have (in theory) the ability to support our player base, in multiples of 10 (which is great).  I expect close to 20 players, so I get two kits.  Making money is just a matter of pricing the buy--in to do better than break even.  I actually got fewer than expected, but that's okay, because next month when I have 24 players, I now have boosters for them.
Players are made happy, and they come out to regular events.  Splitting the set between the first half and second half of the storyline event addresses the only real gripe I had about the Fear Itself program.  I think we are getting real close to getting Organized Play all figured out. 
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