Modiphius Entertainment announced a licensing deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment to develop a tabletop board game based on the classic Thunderbirds TV series.
The cooperative game will be designed by Matt Leacock (Pandemic, Roll Through The Ages, Forbidden Desert).  The game will cast players in the rolls of the Tracy family, and they will use the team’s iconic machines to overt disasters and perform rescue missions.
The game is planned for release in Q3 2015, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the TV show.  This will also be the timeframe of the airing of the new Thunderbirds Are Go!  TV series in the U.K. (see "'Thunderbirds' Gets Series Order").
The 1960s British TV show, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, was set in the year 2065, and follows the adventures of the secret International Rescue organization, formed and funded by the millionaire Tracy family.  The family had a fleet of advanced land, sea, air and space rescue vehicles on standby, headed by the Thunderbird fleet.  The show was filmed with a mixture of marionette puppetry and scale model special effects, a technique the creators dubbed "Supermarionation."