Beyblade, the the number one cartoon series for boys on the ABC Family channel, is about to spin into its sophomore session with 51 new episodes to be aired Monday through Friday.  The anime series centers on the customizable high tech tops which Hasbro has licensed for the U.S.  Hasbro is partnering with Nelvana, the company that packages the anime series, to launch the BBA (Beyblade Battle Association), the counterpart to Japan's wildly successful creator of Beyblade live events.  The North American BBA will provide competitive play on three levels, kid-driven grassroots play, 'Rip Zone' nationwide retail-based events, and 'Blader Jam' national tournaments, which should start this fall.


Massive global promotions with Burger King, Frito Lay, and Kellogg's should provide fans with nearly a billion premiums.  In the U.S. alone the Burger King promotion includes millions of themed premiums at more than 8,000 restaurants along with an online component, sweepstakes, and in-store events tying in licensees, retailers and broadcasters.  Hasbro has sold well over five million Beyblades in the U.S. alone (see 'Five Million Beyblades') and the super spinners have made major inroads in Europe and Latin America as well.