Papercutz has announced Lunch Witch, the first in a new line of original graphic novels, as well as the new kid-friendly WWE series Slam City, which join the recently announced Rabbids graphic novel series (see "Papercutz Does 'Rabbids'").
The Lunch Witch is a new 180-page graphic novel created by children’s author Deb Lucke.  The story follows Grunhilda, a witch who has to find a new job because nobody believes in magic.  Since she’s good at cooking up foul brews, working as a school lunch lady seemed a natural fit.  She befriends Madison, a little girl who needs her help, but being nice is against the Witch’s Code.  The OGN is planned as the first in a new line for the company.  Release is planned for March 17, 2015.
Slam City is the first in a new series,  which joins Papercutz WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) publishing program which was announced at San Diego Comic Con last year (see "Papercutz Adds YA Imprint, 'WWE' Comics & GNs").  The program includes a collection of WWE comics collected in a graphic novel under the Super Genius YA imprint earlier this year (see "Papercutz Plans Launches, Support").
This younger-skewing, all-ages series, based on the animated show featured on the WWE Network and online, recounts the humorous adventures of WWE Superstars including John Cena, Kane, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Santino Marella, and Randy Orton;  who find themselves unemployed and forced to find work in the real world.  The series will be written by Mathias Triton, and penciled by Alitha E. Martinez (Batgirl, WWE Superstars).  The first graphic novel, WWE Slam City #1: Finished, will release August 26th.