Mike Banks of Samurai Comics in Phoenix, Arizona (see 'DBZ Dollars Display Contest Second Place Winner -- Samurai Comics') has a low-cost promotion to market to fans of comic movies:


With the Hulk opening up at theatres today, I thought I would share our plans with you on capitalizing on the movie here at Samurai Comics.

We like to think of it as our 'Comic Book Movie Guerilla Marketing Campaign'.  We've been successful with this at movies such as X-Men 2, Cowboy Bebop, and Daredevil, and are looking to make the Hulk our biggest push yet.

We ordered over 1,000 of the WizKids' HeroClix promo Hulk figure, and several hundred of the 25-cent Incredible Hulk comic book.  We will be giving these away at several theatres in the area, along with a coupon to drive customers back into our store.

In order to maximize our reach for this promotion, we enlisted the help of our customers.  We simply asked if anyone who was planning to see the Hulk this weekend was interested in handing out comics and figures while waiting in line.  The response was tremendous!  We immediately had several volunteers.  One of our customers already attended a sneak preview of the Hulk and gave away over 100 Hulk HeroClix and comic books.

Tonight we have teams of people going to three separate theatres to hand out stuff.  The way we see it, if we can get even one new customer from the promotion, it is well worth it.