At 5pm (ET) on the final day of its 12-day auction period the finest known copy of Action Comics #1 had a high bid of $2.6 million, a new record for a single issue comic, but less than the $3 million that many (including ICv2) thought the "white pages" copy would receive.  But by the time the eBay auction closed at 8pm (ET), the bidding had reached $3,207,852, far eclipsing the previous high of $2,161,000 that was paid in 2011 for a copy of Action Comics #1 owned by Nicholas Cage (see "Down in the Valley--Nic Cage's 'Action' # 1 Found").
According to eBay, 48 bids were received on the pristine copy of Action Comics #1, which was originally published in April of 1938 and which featured the first appearance of Superman.  The auctioned copy was rated 9.0, as was the copy originally owned by Nic Cage, though the copy that just sold for $3.2 million had "white pages" that were not discolored by time (see "The First $3 Million Comic?").  The "white pages" certainly figured in the 50% jump in price over the Nic Cage copy, though the new sale also makes clear that values for the top books from the Golden Age comics continue to grow.
A portion of the proceeds from today’s sales are going to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for Spinal Chord research.