New York Comic Con News:  Today at Joe Quesada’s "Cup of Joe Panel" a new Star Wars comic, Star Wars - Kanan: The Last Padawan, was announced.  The new ongoing Star Wars comic will debut in April and will follow the adventures of Kanan, the leader of the small band of rebels that is the focus of the Star Wars Rebels animated series that debuted last week on Disney’s XD cable network.
The Kanan: The Last Padawan comic will be written by Greg Weisman, an animation vet (Gargoyles), who is an executive producer on Star Wars Rebels. Weisman will help Kanan make the jump from animated hero to comic book star.  Pepe Larraz (The Mighty Thor) will provide the art for the new comic, which will explore the early life of Kanan Jarrus, providing the backstory for the leader of the small band of rebels and show how he came to be in possession of a light saber (as well as a holographic message from Obi Wan Kenobi).
Weisman told, "The tone of the comic is slightly darker than the TV series because it covers an extremely dark time.  But from my point of view, nothing has changed and the tone I’m always going for is that of Episodes IV and V."