Modiphius Entertainment has shared promotional cover art and information for its Thunderbirds tabletop board game announced last June (see “'Thunderbirds' Tabletop Game”), as well as announcing plans for a Kickstarter in  February.

The cooperative board game, designed by Matt Leacock (Pandemic), will release to trade in September, with a premiere at Gen Con.  The Kickstarter will include a unique retailer pledge level, Modiphius Publishing Director Chris Birch explained.  “We're planning a very accessible retail pledge, allowing (store owners) to pledge a smaller than usual amount, then pay for the additional stock they want prior to shipping,” he said.  “My goal was to make it as easy for retailers as possible and I know one issue they have is having to commit funds upfront.”

The game will include five detailed multi-part vehicles and six character figures, and Kickstarter is being used to fund additional components which will come in the standard game, as well as special exclusive add-ons.  Birch explained that this is the reason the MSRP has not been announced.

The promotional box art was released ahead of a planned presentation of the game by Esdevium Games at the London Toy Fair later this month.

The game release is timed to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the cult TV show, for which a new series reboot series will launch in the U.K. this spring (see “'Thunderbirds Are Go!' Teaser”).