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Wizards of the Coast announced the next Dungeons & Dragons storyline, Elemental Evil, which begins in March and runs through summer.  Tie-in product offerings from multiple companies are planned.  Elemental Evil focuses on the Sword Coast and the cults that threaten to wipe it out.

Information on the storyline and WotC’s plans were leaked last November (see "WotC Plans Two 'D&D' Storylines a Year").

The Princes of the Apocalypse adventure book will include new races, new options and spells for players.  The book will release on April 7 and has an MSRP of $49.95.

The Temple of Elemental Evil adventure system board game from WizKids was announced in all-but-title last year (see "WizKids to Take over 'D&D' Board Games"), though WotC lists the release date as April 30, and box art has now been released.

WizKids will also release the new Elemental Evil set of pre-painted collectible miniatures as part of their Icons of the Realms line on March 4 (see "'D&D Icons of the Realms' Miniatures Set 2"). 

Gale Force Nine will release Elemental Evil-themed products including a Dungeon Master Screen and unpainted resin miniatures similar to previous offerings (see "GF9 'D&D' Products").

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