BOOM! Studio's Archaia imprint is collaborating with Macrocosm Entertainment to launch Lantern City, an ongoing comic series set in a steampunk world planned as a transmedia universe.  The comic series, launching in May, was created by Trevor Crafts, Bruce Boxleitner, and Matthew Daley.  It’s written by Daley and Paul Jenkins, with art by Carlos Magno.

In the comic, the hero lives with his wife and son in near total darkness at the bottom of the city, while the upper class has the interconnected towers and airships above.

Rise, an illustrated prequel novel, audio book, and app set in the universe were released in 2013, written by Matthew Daley, with art by Section Studios and contributions by Bruce Boxleitner.

The main cover for the first issue is by Benjamin Carre.  Other covers include a Jackpot Variant by Mango (1/100 intermix), a 10 Years Anniversary incentive cover by Ben Caldwell (1 for every 10 copies ordered), a retailer incentive cover by Dave Dorman (1 for every 20 copies ordered), a 10K Variant cover by Bagus Hutomo (1/10 intermix), and a FOC variant by Brett Weldele, which can be ordered in any quantity by the FOC date.

This is Archaia’s first ongoing series since 2007’s The Secret History.

Check out the full cover gallery below.