Just ahead of the opening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bluefin Distribution announced it will offer Beast Kingdom Toys' life-size Marvel Cinematic Universe statues to the North American market. 

The 1:1 ratio statutes include various incarnations of the Iron Man exo-frame suits, including the Mark HLIV Hulkbuster, which will premiere in Avengers: Age of Ultron this week (see “ New Footage for 'Age of Ultron'”).  The eight statues include The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man Hulkbuster, Iron Man Mark 43, and War Machine from Age of Ultron; Captain America from Captain America: The Winter Soldier; and Iron Man mark 42 and Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3.

The statues feature fiberglass construction and automotive paint, and in some cases LED lights installed in appropriate places.  Statues are hand-painted, and are mounted on realistic movie-scenery style bases.  The statues must be custom ordered, as they take 2-3 months to build. They weigh from 700 - 1400 lbs in some cases, so the large ones come unassembled in several pieces, drop-shipped directly to consumers.  MSRPs range from $7,100 - $18,000. Bluefin confirmed to ICv2 that there is a trade discount available to retailers.  

See all eight statues in the gallery below.