Disney will launch Playmation, which it calls “the next step in the evolution of play,” in October.  The new toy category combines wearable role play toys, figures, and technology with storytelling around Disney properties, beginning with the Avengers.  The key feature differentiating this toy from things like Disney Infinity is the active role play component, an effort to combine active play with technology and Disney storytelling.

The first SKU is the Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack, with an MSRP of $119.99.  It will include five connected toys:  one piece of avengers Gear (Repulsor), two Power Activators and two Smart Figures, Captain America and Iron Skull.  Videos of play showed kids running around and firing their repulsors at the Power Activators (sometimes with the figures on them, other times without), with the figures being triggered to fall off under the right circumstances.

Additional toys that work with the Starter Pack will also be available at launch.  An app will allow kids to register their gear, see progress, find new locations and characters and get access to new missions.  Adventures are updatable using the app.

Future IP planned for Playmation include Star Wars in 2016 and Frozen in 2017.  Disney licensee Hasbro will be marketing the game through mass and specialty retailers.  Disney will sell the products on its website and in selected stores.

Skylanders and Disney Infinity combined play with real world figures with a video game component.  Playmation is similar in that it attempts to combine real world play with virtual elements, different in that the player is active.  Disney cited extensive research on what kids and parents wanted from play as guiding its choices in designing the game.  We’ll see later this year whether they’ve successfully met consumer desire for active play and technology in a way that can successfully leverage its vast IP holdings.

Here’s the trailer for Playmation.