Games Workshop has revealed that its sales were down in its own stores and to independent retailers for the full year ended May 31.  It pinned the problems with sales through its own stores to problems in  Continental Europe related to its restructuring last year.  The company also said that it had declines in "non-core activities" reported as part of its sale, and adverse exchange rate effects.

The combination of those factors will be roughly a 5% decline in sales through its own stores, a 3% decline in sales to independent retailers, and a 5% growth in mail order sales.  The company was running at a 6.6% decline over-all in the first half of its fiscal year (which ended November 30, see "Games Workshop Stores Decline, as Independent Retailers Grow").

Profits will be “broadly in line with market expectations,” the company said in its statement.  Full info will be released in late July.