Alderac Entertainment Group will release the Evil Portents booster for its Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game to its Stronghold stores in October, with full release in November.

Dark prophesies that were revealed as the new Emperor ascended the throne have proven horrifically true and the Empire of Rokugan now faces one of its greatest threats ever.  The vast Spider Clan has launched its armies to destroy the defenders of one of the three great seals crafted by Lady Sun, as the Great Clans struggle to prepare for inevitable war.

This expansion will include 165 cards, packed in 16 card booster packs.  Some random boosters will have foil rare cards.  Each display holds 36 boosters.  MSRP is $3.99/booster. 

Evil Portents will be the third expansion for the L5R CCG this year, following Thunderous Acclaim and Twenty Festivals (see “‘L5R: Thunderous Acclaim’”).  In August, the multi-player Siege: Clan War set releases (see “The Great Clan War Returns to ‘L5R’”).