The lawsuit between Wizards of the Coast parent Hasbro and Sweetpea Entertainment, which had the rights to Dungeons & Dragons films, has been settled, according to a filing in federal court. The result is that Warner Bros. will make a Dungeons & Dragons film, with Roy Lee (The LEGO Movie) producing, along with executives from Hasbro and Sweetpea, Warner Bros. announced today.  The film will take place in the Forgotten Realms setting, according to the announcement.

The trial in the lawsuit took place last September, with the judge in the non-jury trial urging a settlement (see "Judge in 'D&D' Case Urges Settlement").  It began when Warner Bros. signed a deal with Sweetpea, which had acquired rights to D&D movies back in 1994.  After Warners announced a deal to acquire movie rights from Sweetpea in 2013 (see "Warner Bros. Gets 'D&D' Film Rights"), Hasbro sued to regain its rights, arguing that Sweetpea had not lived up to its obligations to make D&D movies (two were aired on Syfy).

The film will be based on the original script by David Leslie Johnson that Warners acquired in 2013, based on D&D precursor Chainmail.

As part of the settlement, WotC will regain all rights to future Dungeons & Dragons productions.