Looney Labs is recreating one of the many versions of its award-winning Fluxx card game:  Nature Fluxx is scheduled to release on November 6.

Originally released as EcoFluxx in 2005, this environmentally-minded version of Looney Labs’ card game is loaded with natural themes like woodland creatures and endangered animals, as well as eco-themed game mechanics like "Composting" that allows players to draw cards from the bottom of the discard pile.

Like other games in the Fluxx series, Nature Fluxx is built on a proven mechanic of "evolving" rules and shifting goals.  The new version includes all of the cards from the original game, but with updated card and package art.  In a press release, Looney Labs’ CEO Kristin Looney explained that "Though it’s evolved a little, as things in nature tend to do, it still maintains all the natural elements that made EcoFluxx so special."

Nature Fluxx is for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up, and typically plays in less than half an hour.  MSRP is $16.  The game is available in six-unit countertop displays.

In addition to its “green” theme, Looney Labs will used Nature Fluxx to support its own ecological message by donating 5% of the game’s proceeds to environmental non-profit groups.

Fluxx has long been the flagship product for Looney Labs, and has spawned numerous spinoff games, including recent releases based on a number of animated series (see "'Batman' and 'Adventure Time Fluxx'" and "'Cartoon Network Fluxx' Hobby Release").