Paizo Inc. will launch the eighteenth installment of its Pathfinder Adventure Path series next February. The new campaign, titled Hell’s Vengeance is designed for evil-aligned characters and builds on the themes of Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path.

Hell’s Vengeance will be a six-part adventure path.  The first volume, The Hellfire Compact, introduces the players to the empire of Cheliax when a paladin of Iomedae attempts to stir up rebellion in Longacre.  The characters, mercenaries all, are hired to prevent the uprising, eventually working their way up the power structure of the archbaron of Longacre.

The Hellfire Compact is intended for first level characters.  The 96-page softcover book also includes information about the town of Longacre and the Knightly Order of the Glorious Reclamation.  MSRP is $24.99.

Once the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path has completed, Paizo will launch a Lovecraft-inspired horror based campaign, called Strange Aeons (see “‘Pathfinder Doubles Down on Horror”).