Stoic and MegaCon Games/MERC Miniatures has announced The Banner Saga--Warbands, a new cooperative miniatures board game based on The Banner Saga computer/mobile video game.  The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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The 2 - 4 player game casts players in the roles of leaders of a warband (Quartermaster, Keeper of Names, Warmaster, Thane) tasked with keeping the group together and alive.  On a deeper level, the game deals with the difficulties and consequences of decision making, as players must be aggressive in achieving  their own goals, while also  compromising for the good of the group.  The double-sided cards provide choices with no hint of what the resolution will bring.  Combat is fast-paced and tactical (no dice or random cards) with each skirmish taking about 10 minutes, and happens 3 - 4 times per mission.

The box contains a world map, 4 player boards, 12 bannermen & follower cards, 54 event and camp cards, 10 oversized skirmish cards, 10 mission cards, a skirmish board, 30 plastic miniatures and rules.

The Kickstarter has raised $116,472 from 831 backers ($140.16/backers), well over the $50,000 goal, with 17 days to go.  MSRP and trade release have not been announced.  Backer fulfillment is planned for August 2016.