Mayday Games will release Dungeon Busters, a light-hearted family monster bash-up in 2016. The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Japanese designer Tomohiro Enoki's Dungeon Busters is quick-paced, with games lasting roughly 20 minutes. Three to five players take the role of dungeon-crawling adventurers attempting to defeat monsters for their gemstones. Bluffing, logic and deduction, and simple luck can make all the difference in who gathers the most loot. The game includes 51 monster and character cards, 45 gem tokens, and a rulebook.

Quick to play and easy to learn, it is well-matched with other games in Mayday's catalog, such as Click Clack Lumberjack and the well-received Walk the Plank! (see "Mayday's 'Walk the Plank'").

The Kickstarter for the game ends on January 2, 2016. So far, the game has received $16,735 in funding from 1,003 backers (an average of $16.68/backer). MSRP for the game is tentatively set at $25.00.