The dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum  will see international distribution thanks to a deal between original publisher Jarnringen and London-based publisher Modiphius.

Symbaroum is a darkly themed fantasy RPG set in a deadly world full of strange creatures and danger. Game-play fuses storytelling elements like those present in FATE with the hard-gaming styles of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. The game was written by Mattias Johnsson and Matias Lilja, and features full color artwork by Martin Bergstrom. The 264-page book includes an introduction to the story world, a Player's guide and GM guide, and a first adventure to get a campaign going. The Symbaroum Core Book is complete in itself, with no other books necessary to begin play.

Symbaroum was originally released in Sweden in Q3 2014. A successful Indiegogo campaign raised $24,491 from 710 backers (an average of $34.49/backer) to publish the RPG in English. After a popular e-book release, Järnringen entered a partnership with Modiphius (Achtung! Cthulhu) for a launch in retail stores, due in March. MSRP is $53.99.

Modiphius recently announced the release of another RPG, Fragged Empire, due this month (see "'Fragged Empire' Launches").

For images from the game, see the Gallery below.