Brotherwise Games has announced a new organized play program for its Boss Monster card game, scheduled to begin in late January. 

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The program, called Boss Monster Game Nights is intended to attract new and experienced Boss Monster players into game stores that are hosting events.  Every four-month season will be supported with a Boss Monster Game Night Kit, available to retailers through distribution.  Each kit has the materials needed to host up to eight players at the event, and includes two each of four different paper playmats with “how to play” summaries.  Each participant can get a unique promo card, with new cards every season.  Finally, a paper “gold crown” can be given as a prize to the event winner.

The new OP program is not the first retailer incentive program from Brotherwise.  For the holidays, they offered retailers an opportunity to get free copies of the latest Boss Monster expansion (see “New ‘Boss Monster’ Products and Retailer Incentive Program”).