Wizards of the Coast has announced it is releasing the set Eternal Masters for Magic: The Gathering on June 10.

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Eternal Masters marks Wizards first foray into massively releasing staples for its Eternal formats: primarily Legacy, but also Vintage, Commander, and Cube. It contains some of the most sought out cards in Magic's long history, but will keep the company's promise to not reprint any of the cards on their long-maintained Reserved List. The set is also designed to be drafted, like both Modern Masters sets before it.

Wizards made a big splash with the releases of Modern Masters in 2013 and 2015 (see "'Magic: The Gathering—Modern Masters'" and "'MTG: Modern Masters (2015 Edition)'", respectively). Like those sets, availability will be limited to Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus WPN Stores.

MSRP will be $9.99 per booster, with 24 boosters per display instead of the 36 typical to a normal set release.

Eternal Masters will be released in between Shadows Over Innistrad, which releases in April, and its follow up, Eldritch Moon, which arrives in July (see "Second 'M:TG Shadows Over Innistrad' Set Announced").